Who We Are

The SkillSource Group Inc. & Northern Virginia Workforce Development Boards

The Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board (NVWDB) is a team of private and public sector partners who share a common goal-to promote Northern Virginia economic prosperity and long-term growth. The board receives and administers annual Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) dollars that help fund comprehensive employment and training services to area employers, job seekers and youth.

The SkillSource Group, Inc. (SSG) is a separate nonprofit entity of the Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board (NVWDB) with its own Board of Directors. SSG shares in the mission and goals of NVWDB, while also serving as fiscal agent and an entity that pursues additional funding sources for the board. These dollars further sustain and create workforce development initiatives for all current and future employers, job seekers throughout the region.

What We Do

SkillSource and its partners operate six (6) Northern Virginia One Stop Employment Center centers. Knowledgeable center staff assist employers, job and career seekers, and youth with a comprehensive range of free employment, training, and career development services. One-Stop Centers use public Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) dollars and other funding sources to provide employment services to local workers and employers throughout the region.

What is WIOA?