Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Program

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) offers an integrated and comprehensive range of services consisting of workforce development activities benefiting job seekers—adults, dislocated workers, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, individuals with disabilities—and employers.

WIOA’s objective is to meet employers’ needs by increasing employment, job retention, earnings, and occupational skills among all job seeker populations. Job seekers first must meet WIOA eligibility requirements to receive WIOA-funded services. More information on the WIOA program may be viewed on the WIOA orientation video below. All applicants must watch the orientation video prior to contacting a case manager or attending a screening session.

To learn more about WIOA, view the video below.


 Click here to download the WIOA orientation video script.

To enroll:

  1. View the WIOA video above.
  2. Review and complete the WIOA Eligibility Packet and collect the applicable eligibility documents
    listed on page 1 and 2.
  3. Sign up for an Eligibility Determination Meeting in the office you would like to receive services.

Click here to schedule a meeting in Fairfax or Prince William County.
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to schedule a meeting in Loudoun County.

Questions? Need Special Accommodations?
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