Northern Virginia Incumbent Worker Training Grants

In order to meet local employers’ demand to re-train their existing workforce, SkillSource and the Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board, (Workforce Area #11) are offering Incumbent Worker Training grants through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). These funds can assist employers to support their employees in gaining new skills and in making their businesses more competitive and profitable.

The grant program reimburses employers for the cost of training their workers, and cover training costs such as instructional costs for training courses, classes for certification exams, online training, textbooks and manuals. Participating businesses must provide a minimum matching contribution to the Incumbent worker training project, in amounts identified in the State of Virginia policy based upon company size. These matching funds may include in-kind services.

To apply for a grant, employers must submit an application and request on company letterhead via email to David Hunn at

Read our Incumbent Worker Training Press Release here.

Incumbent Worker Training grants will be considered for training in all high-demand industries. SkillSource, in partnership with the Alexandria/Arlington Regional Workforce Council and Northern Virginia Community College, recently received additional funding for Incumbent Worker Training specifically in IT and Cybersecurity for companies of less than 250 employees. Click here to find out more information.

Guidelines and Application Form

Employers can download the following forms and guidelines to learn more about the program and apply for a grant.

Virginia Board of Workforce Development Policy 15-00

Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board Incumbent Worker Training Policy 
Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board Incumbent Worker Application Form

Please contact Seema Jain, SkillSource Vice President of Operations, with questions at 703-827-3782 or